Summer Opener Mini-Z Race 25-Jun-2016

Ok it's that time again. Looks like MiniZ is getting some buzz again . From being on the NJ Record front page paper. Some new tracks opening or reopening back up. From a popular demand MHS is hosting a summer opener MiniZ race on 6/25/16
Just to get it started here are some of the classes for this race. (If you have interest in a class that is not listed please feel free to request one)
2wd Open Mod:
2wd AAA hand out 70t:
90mm narrow open:
AWD open:
Since there is some out of town drivers coming the request for RCP is more dominant. So only none silicon Rubber is allowed please. 
First class is $20
2nd class is $10 
3rd is. $5

Pre-Register Now

***Anything after that is free just as long the class has 5 or more drivers in that class. ***
Additional rules for the classes will soon follow.
Race date is June 25th 2016